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Real Estate Agent in Kitchener-Waterloo

This is a great qualification question to ask a Realtor in order to see if you both share the same views.

My response would be…

Many people would answer this question literally such as “getting you the most amount of money for your home”, “being able to negotiate the lowest price for the purchase of your home”, or “closing the transaction as quickly as possible for your client”.

My view on success within a transaction involves solely how my clients feel throughout the process and with the results.  It’s obvious I’m going to work hard and get my clients the best price for their home/negotiate the best price for their purchase, but most of all I want my clients to feel extremely satisfied with the level of service I provide.  This would include my clients being confident in my skills when dealing with any type of transaction, impressed with my customer service that I provide and knowing that I am working my hardest to meet and exceed their goals.

Closing a good transaction is important for my clients, and myself, but building a trusting relationship with them over the long term supersedes that.  The reason is that if we’ve established a great relationship there will be no doubt in their minds that I am providing them with the highest skills, greatest customer service, and hardest working efforts possible.

In short, success in a real estate transaction should be measured prior, throughout, and post transaction in order to be very successful.  I keep in touch with everyone I’ve worked with and make sure to follow up for feedback each time.  If I’ve created a long lasting relationship with my clients and they fully trust me (just like I trust them) I know I’ve had a successful transaction.  Please see my testimonials to see how people feel about my services….

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