Top 3 Items to Consider When Selling Your Home

1. Find a Real Estate Agent to do a Comparative Market Analysis

Figuring out what your home is worth is one of the biggest challenges for homeowners to calculate. If your home is priced too low, you will lose out on potential money you could have made. In the contrary if your home is priced too high, it will stay on the market for a long time and become“stale”*. When homes for sale become stale on the market, people tend to ignore them, they stay on the market for months, and people wait for price decreases or give you very low offers and it becomes much harder to sell.

Having a home realtor perform a comparative market analysis will give much better accuracy when listing your home. Real estate agents have many resources to find out things that the general public can’t. We are able to locate similar homes in your neighbourhood that have recently been sold and make adjustments in price (as no two homes are the same) to determine the current value of your property.

*Even if your home is overpriced by just over 5% that can make a difference of it being on the market from less than 30 days to 90 + days.

2. Receive Maximum Value when Selling your Home

When houses for sale are staged nicely it tends to create more interest in the property, as people can more easily visualize what their new home would appear like. There are many ways to create maximum value in the sale of your property. Some of the top ways to get the most out of your money spent is painting, minor repairs such as marks on the walls or any minor upgrades that make your home appear that much newer and in better shape.

There are a few good ideas of things you can do before showing your home that will help increase its sale success. The first is to move things around to create as much space as you can in the house. This makes the house for sale appear larger, as opposed to having lots of clutter in the way, which makes it seem very cramped and small.

A second good idea is to bring in nice temporary furniture, if needed, as it can make the home look richer and have more character.

A third good idea is to get your home professionally cleaned prior to putting it on the market. This can be a great investment as it will help eliminate any “eye sores” within the home.

**Please note that I provide all of my clients with a free professional house cleaning prior to putting their house on the market**

3. Virtual Tours of your Property Help your Listing Stand Out

Almost all homes for sale have pictures of the house associated with the listing. If the listing doesn’t provide pictures, then it’s usually because the house for sale is not in great shape and could use some work. Having your home realtor create a virtual tour with your listing is always a great idea as it allows potential buyers to view a virtual tour prior to seeing the home. This can generate more qualified showings and increase the exposure of the home.

I strongly believe in the benefits of virtual tours of houses for sale, so I provide a virtual tour along with photos for every listing I take on. I want to get maximum exposure and interest for your property, so you receive maximum dollar for your property.

If you have any questions or comments with this post, or anything else related to selling your home or buying a house, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Choose the relational approach to real estate…

Real Estate Agents should not only be an expert about houses, but also connect you with other professionals within the industry.

The housing market is great for the economy as there are many industries that depend on homes, such as electricians, plumbers, roofers, renovators/contractors, painters, cleaners, decorators, flooring specialists, and many more! There are so many jobs that are created and that rely on housing, and a home realtor with contacts of people they trust, and would refer, are invaluable in the industry. As you can see, there are many different types of companies that are available that specialize in different areas. Having a real estate agent who is able to provide you with a reliable and trustworthy list of contacts is invaluable for their clients.

 I have created a contractor referral list which I constantly edit and updated based on new information. This means that when a client requires work done on their home, I’m able to provide them with the most reliable and trustworthy company I know. I make sure that my service doesn’t end at the closing of a property and that it continues to grow throughout the years. I take pride in making sure my clients receive exceptional service from us, as their positive word of mouth goes a long way.

When choosing a home realtor for your real estate needs, ensure they can provide you with a list of trusted professionals.

Any questions or comments with this post, or anything else related to selling your home or buying a house, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Choose the relational approach to real estate…